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Model Zoning for the Regulation of Solar Energy Systems

Related Criteria

  • PZD-2: Allow accessory use solar PV by-right in all major zones.
  • PZD-3a: Conduct review of existing planning documents and identify new opportunities to integrate solar PV into planning goals.
  • PZD-3b: In consultation with planners and other staff, provide draft language on solar PV, which will be proposed for inclusion in existing or future plans. Provide a timeline for when the language will be considered for incorporation into plans.
  • PZD-10a: Ensure that the zoning ordinance clarifies regulations for small ground-mounted solar PV.
  • PZD-10b: Ensure that the zoning ordinance establishes a clear regulatory pathway for primary use solar PV (for example through a special use permit or through inclusion among allowed conditional uses).
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