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Adams County, CO Gold
Albemarle County, VA Bronze
Alexandria, VA Bronze
Ames, IA Silver
Amesville, OH Bronze
Arlington County, VA Bronze
Ashland, WI Silver
Ashland County, WI Silver
Athens, OH Bronze
Athens County, OH Bronze
Athens-Clarke County, GA Bronze
Atlanta, GA Gold
Aurora, IL Gold
Aurora, CO Bronze
Austin, TX Gold View Community
Austin, MN Silver
Bainbridge Island, WA Bronze
Bayfield, WI Bronze
Bayfield County, WI Bronze
Beach Park, IL Gold
Beaverton, OR Gold
Bellevue, WA Bronze
Belton, MO Bronze
Boise, ID Gold
Boston, MA Bronze
Boulder, CO Gold View Community
Boulder County, CO Silver View Community
Boynton Beach, FL Gold
Brighton, CO Gold
Brookfield, IL Bronze
Broomfield, CO Bronze
Brownsville, TX Silver
Burlington, VT Bronze View Community
Cambridge, MA Bronze
Carrboro, NC Gold
Cedar Hill, TX Gold
Cedar Rapids, IA Gold
Chapel Hill, NC Gold
Charleston County, SC Gold View Community
Charlottesville, VA Silver
Chattanooga, TN Bronze
Chelmsford, MA Gold
Chelsea, MA Bronze
Cheltenham, PA Bronze
Chester, PA Bronze
Chicago, IL Gold
Chisago County, MN Silver
Claremont, CA Gold View Community
Clay County, MO Silver
Clear Creek County, CO Gold
Cleveland, OH Bronze
Columbia, MO Gold View Community
Contra Costa County, CA Bronze
Cook County, IL Bronze
Coventry, CT Gold
Cupertino, CA Gold
Darien, IL Bronze
Dartmouth, MA Bronze
Davis, CA Gold
DeKalb County, GA Bronze
Delray Beach, FL Bronze
Delta County, CO Bronze
Denton, TX Bronze
Denver, CO Gold View Community
Dracut, MA Gold
Duluth, MN Gold
Durango, CO Silver
Eau Claire, WI Gold
Edgmont, PA Bronze
Edmonds, WA Bronze
El Paso, TX Gold
Erie County, NY Gold
Evanston, IL Gold
Fairfax, VA Bronze
Fairfield, CT Gold
Fort Collins, CO Gold View Community
Franklin County, OH Bronze
Fremont, CA Gold View Community
Gladstone, MO Gold View Community
Glencoe, IL Bronze
Golden, CO Silver
Goshen, IN Gold
Hamden, CT Silver
Hanover Park, IL Bronze
Harrison County, MS Silver
Hartford, CT Gold View Community
Hawthorn Woods, IL Silver
Helena, MT Silver
Highland Park, IL Bronze
Hillsboro, OR Gold
Huntington, NY Bronze
Huntington Beach, CA Gold
Hutchinson, MN Bronze
Independence, MO Bronze
Indianapolis, IN Silver View Community
Inyo County, CA Bronze View Community
Issaquah, WA Gold
Jefferson County, CO Gold
Johnson County, IA Gold
Kane County, IL Bronze
Kansas City, MO Gold View Community
Kennedale, TX Silver
Lafayette, CO Gold
Lake Worth, FL Bronze
Lakewood, CO Bronze
Lantana, FL Gold
Laurel, MD Silver
Lewisville, TX Bronze
Lincoln, NE Bronze
Linn County, IA Gold
Longmont, CO Bronze
Louisville, Kentucky Gold View Community
Lowell, MA Gold
Lower Merion, PA Bronze
Madison, WI Gold
Maplewood, MN Silver
Maricopa County, AZ Bronze View Community
Marin County, CA Bronze
Melrose, MA Bronze
Mercer Island, WA Gold
Miami Beach, FL Bronze
Miami-Dade County, FL Bronze
Middletown, CT Silver
Milwaukee, WI Gold View Community
Minneapolis, MN Gold View Community
Missoula, MT Silver
Missoula County, MT Bronze
Moab, UT Bronze View Community
Nappanee, IN Bronze
Natick, MA Gold
New York, NY Gold View Community
North Kansas City, MO Gold
Oklahoma City, OK Bronze
Orange County, NC Silver
Orlando, FL Gold View Community
Oro Valley, AZ Silver
Palm Beach County, FL Silver
Park City, UT Bronze
Park Forest, IL Gold
Perry, IA Bronze View Community
Philadelphia, PA Gold View Community
Pima County, AZ Gold
Pinecrest, FL Silver View Community
Plano, TX Bronze
Pottstown, PA Bronze
Providence, RI Silver
Pueblo County, CO Bronze
Raymore, MO Gold
Red Wing, MN Silver
Redwood City, CA Gold View Community
Richmond, VA Silver
Richton Park, IL Silver
Roanoke, VA Bronze
Rochester, MN Silver
Sacramento, CA Gold
Saint Paul, MN Gold View Community
Salt Lake City, UT Bronze View Community
San Antonio, TX Silver
San Carlos, CA Gold View Community
San Diego County, CA Gold
Santa Monica, CA Gold View Community
Santa Rosa, CA Gold View Community
Saratoga Springs, NY Silver
Satellite Beach, FL Gold View Community
Savannah, GA Bronze
Schaumburg, IL Silver
Somerset, OH Bronze
Somerville, Massachusetts Gold View Community
Sonoma County, CA Gold
South Barrington, IL Gold
St. Francis, MN Silver
Stearns County, MN Silver
Stratford, CT Gold
Summit County, UT Bronze View Community
Tyngsborough, MA Gold
Upper Merion, PA Bronze
Warwick, NY Gold
Washington, DC Gold
West Hollywood, CA Gold View Community
West Palm Beach, FL Gold
Will County, IL Gold
Winter Park, FL Silver
Winthrop, MA Bronze
Wisconsin Rapids, WI Gold
Ypsilanti, MI Gold View Community
Tonawanda, NY Silver
Fairfield, IA Bronze
Milwaukie, OR Silver
Redondo Beach, CA Bronze
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