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Summit County, UT

Summit County received the SolSmart Bronze designation for removing obstacles to solar energy development, including creating an online permitting checklist and reviewing local zoning codes.


The Summit County website provides one-stop solar install information to help residents understand the permitting and inspection process. The county endeavors to remove as many barriers to installing PV panels as possible, and has waived county permitting fees since 2013 for all residential and business solar systems.


Summit County partnered with Summit Community Power Works and a volunteer team of residents and business leaders who selected Alpenglow Solar as the installer for the 2016 Mountain Town Community Solar bulk community solar purchase. The program, administered by partner Utah Clean Energy, a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit, installed 780 kW of solar on 110 properties in Summit and Wasatch counties.


“Summit County was settled by self-reliant individuals and that heritage can be seen today in the protection of our landscapes and watersheds and the food produced by local farms. Solar development is another step along that path. The county values clean air and their community recognizes the connection between using renewable energy sources to minimize environmental impacts and to maintaining their health.”

“Summit County is excited to be working with the SolSmart program to move from the Bronze level to the Gold level. As the county looks to the future, they look forward to building upon and enhancing current solar initiatives and processes in order to remain a leader in solar energy growth.”

Special Awards Earned In: Inspection